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My name is Seema...

I don't bite.  But I do cook.  A lot.  Practically every meal of every day is prepared in my kitchen by either me, my husband, or my mom (with the help of my kids!).  I have no clue how I would manage feeding everyone without the support, as I am a full-time, speech language pathologist and everyone in my family has big appetites (including my puppy!).  I am grateful for our hard-working local farmers, who through good practices (such as organic, sustainable and regenerative agriculture), provide a majority of the food that we eat, all year round.  

Many people couldn't tell just by looking at me that I struggled for years with various unexplained health issues (such as fatigue, brain fog, cancer, abdominal and kidney issues, and autoimmune disease).  Although I was eating foods that are often considered healthy, I felt sick, bloated, and uncomfortable all the time.  With a few dietary and lifestyle changes, like going lectin free, sugar free, and gluten free, I was able to remove inflammation from my body and resolve my leaky gut, which I believe were the underlying causes of my health issues.  I finally feel healthy and am able to be fully present for my job, family, and friends.  My energy levels are through the roof and I am happy to share my delicious recipes with you. Enjoy!

XOXO Seema

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