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Lectin Free Garlic Aioli

by: Seema Racela

Garlic Aioli

by: Seema Racela

Lectin Free

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Gluten Free

Sugar Free

Grain Free

Corn Free

The best dipping sauce that I've ever had was a garlic aioli from Jamie's Italian restaurant in London by Jamie Oliver.  My quick and delicious version takes only minutes to make and reminds me a lot of my favorite sauce.  It tastes great with oven roasted parsnip fries, mushroom fritti, and anything else!  See below for my simple recipe and YouTube video.  Enjoy!


-1/4 cup avocado mayonnaise
-1 clove of garlic, peeled
-Fresh dill  

-1/8 teaspoon lemon zest 

1. Mash the garlic clove using a mortar and pestle, until it becomes a paste.
2. Add avocado mayonnaise and mix together.
3. Sprinkle with dill and lemon zest. Enjoy!



Soy free, rice free, oat free, peanut free, cashew free, nut free, allergy friendly

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