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Plantain Chip Fried Chicken

by: Seema Racela

Lectin Free

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One of my kids favorite meals is this quick fried chicken dish.  I use some crushed homemade plantain chips in the recipe, which gives it a super crunchy texture that is so delicious!  See below for my recipe and YouTube short making it in our RV!  Enjoy!


-1/2 lb pastured chicken
-1 cup homemade or store bought plantain chips, crushed 
pastured egg
-1/4 teaspoon garlic
-Salt to taste
-Avocado oil, for frying

1. Add the chips, garlic powder, and salt into a shallow dish and toss to combine.
2. Whisk the egg in a separate shallow bowl.
3. Coat the bottom of a Lodge cast iron skillet with about 2 tablespoons oil and turn the heat on to medium.
4. Dip a few of the chicken pieces into the egg and then in the chips mixture.
5. Shake off the excess flour and place the chicken on a plate.
6. Continue coating all of the chicken.
7. When the oil is hot, place a few chicken pieces into the pan and begin frying.
8. Once the chicken pieces begin to brown on the underside, flip them over and fry until the other sides are brown. The internal temperature of the chicken should read 165° F.
9. Transfer the fried chicken to a plate lined with a paper towel and continue frying the next batch of chicken. Enjoy!



Soy free, rice free, oat free, potato free, peanut free, cashew free, nut free, allergy friendly  

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